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  • Something Different

    I initially intended this to be a post about all the progress I’ve made on boring stuff, but really I just couldn’t bring myself to write it. Everything simply boils down to “I’ve gotten a bunch done, but not as much as I would like.” Most likely that will always be a running theme so this time I may as well skip it.

    This time I figured I’d talk about some things I do to relax/avoid working on my writing. This could go on and on, as my interests tend to drift, so I suppose I’ll restrict it to things I’ve done in the past couple weeks.

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  • Publishing Minutiae

    Busy this week, but nothing much exciting. Most of what I’ve done is the dull work of getting my book ready to publish. I still expect it to be a bit off, but things are coming together and I want to have everything ready to go. It would really suck if the writing itself was ready to go up only for me to find out that I overlooked some simple detail, like my product description.

    I doubt many people will be interested in what is under the fold, so feel free to stop reading here. It’s mostly just going to be me talking about what I’ve worked on (very) recently.

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  • December Plans

    So November went pretty good. I didn’t completely finish everything on my list (I failed to complete the book outline), however I would say I got a good 80-90% done. Found I enjoy having this sort of thing out there, so I’ll be doing that again for this month.

    Will be doing my best to keep this pretty light since the holidays are coming up. I don’t actually have anything serious planned for this year, most of my family is going to be busy doing their own thing. The only major event coming up for me is that on the 28th I’ll be heading out to visit my grandmother for about a week.

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  • Proofreading Tools

    I’m spending today driving home after visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday, so I didn’t have time to write my usual post. Instead here are some thoughts I had while I was working on getting my book ready for release.

    Proofreading is always a pain in the rear that never really seems finished. Still, I find that simply doing a chapter every day or two helps keep the work from becoming overwhelming. Here are some tools I’ve made for myself to make sure I don’t end up in over my head while fixing things.

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  • I Love Thanksgiving

    Spending this Thanksgiving at my grandparents’ place with my immediate family. I’ve actually been here for about a week. Visits out here are always enjoyable for me, although these days I end up helping them with chores they wouldn’t be able to complete on their own. When I was younger we visited almost every summer so I always remember going out to the beach, or playing in their yard, or visiting various places they’d take us.

    Haven’t ever been here over Thanksgiving though, so I’m glad I’ve finally gotten the chance. Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I feel like it is the only one that really focuses on spending time with family. Yes, I get annoyed that the run-up to Christmas that happens during this time, but I think it may actually be a blessing that things work that way because Christmas pulls most of the commercialism so Thanksgiving is left alone.

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it, and happy holidays to those who don’t.

  • Progress Update

    Now that November is half done it seemed a good time to make a progress update about how things are going with my “break.” Surprisingly, better than I expected. I’m currently slightly more than 50% done with the goals I set for myself which is fitting. Just going to keep this pretty short as I doubt anyone really cares about this stuff, but I want to document it for my benefit.

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  • November Plans

    Just recently (Halloween Day, in fact) I finished what I hope to be the last draft of my book that I will do personally. That’s actually what I’ve been up to all of October for the most part, so now that it is time to hand it off and let someone else proofread and edit for a while I have some time to look forward. Figured I’d share a bit of a road map for what I hope to get completed in November.

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  • Rohai to In Honor’s Shadow pt. 2

    Previous Post: Part 1

    If you missed my last post, and don’t feel like reading it, the short version is I talked about my first major attempt at a book-length project. There were a lot of problems with that story, but it ultimately convinced me that writing books professionally was a realistic possibility. In the end, I put the project on hold to re-examine my goals for it and where I wanted it to go.

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  • Rohai to In Honor’s Shadow pt. 1

    So I’ve just recently started what I hope will be the last round of proofreading for my first book, In Honor’s Shadow, so I’ve been contemplating my journey from the story’s beginnings to here. Getting this first book out has been a long time coming, in large part because I procrastinated constantly. Granted, I’m also hampered by this being my first book and thus trying to muddle through without knowing exactly what I should be doing. Regardless of how long the trail has been, sharing it seems a nice start.

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