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  • Promotion: Free Pre-release Copies of By Duty Bound (expired)

    My new book, By Duty Bound (book 2 in the Honor’s Path series), will soon be available for pre-order on Amazon beginning on August 3rd, 2018. It will officially release a month later on September 3rd, 2018. That is very soon, but maybe you don’t want to wait. In that case, what can you do?

    Fortunately, I am offering a chance to get a pre-release copy of the book a full week and a half before anyone else will get their hands on it. Interested? Then read on!

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  • Back from Vacation, Announcements, and Such

    I just got back from my vacation and figured I should make a post letting everyone who isn’t subscribed to my Newsletter (and why aren’t you? It is easy and make sure you get every update first!). For those of you who ARE subscribed to my Newsletter, there is only one detail that is any new (mostly because I only found out about it two days ago) and it shouldn’t change anything. I’m not attaching specific dates to anything yet because this is all tentative, however

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  • How To Update Amazon Books

    This is just a quick announcement to everyone who has bought my book: I recently updated the book to correct some errors that I (and a few others) have found. Most of the corrections are fairly minor, however there are a few that I am actually embarrassed to admit made it through before now. If you’ve already bought my book you have probably received an email from Amazon telling you that you can update it. If you haven’t seen one it may have been caught by your spam filter or accidentally deleted, so I am making this post to tell you how to get the updates (if you want them).

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  • Furry Book Month: October


    October 1st has arrived, and with it the very first Furry Book Month! To anyone interested in what this is, my post this Wednesday includes a helpful FAQ that should answer the most common questions.

    Until the end of the month, authors and publishers of anthropomorphic fiction will have special offers on books for you to take advantage of! If that interests you, then read on! Unless otherwise indicated, these offers last until the end of October. I have attempted to link* to the relevant store pages where possible to make it easy to take advantage of these offers.

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  • Furry Book Month

    At long last I am able to talk about the promotional campaign I’ve been somewhat involved with: Furry Book Month. This has been in the works for a while, and now that everything is together I am happy to announce that I will be participating.


    On the 1st of October I’ll be making a post with all the offers that will be happening, but until then I figure a brief FAQ will help address what I feel are likely to be the most common questions. So, without further adieu…

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  • On Hiatus Until 22nd

    Intended to get this notice up on Monday, but forgot to schedule the post. Oops.

    I’m going to be traveling soon to visit my brother for his graduation. Will still be working on my next book as much as possible, but no blog posts until I return.

  • Crazy Week

    Things are crazy now, thus the late blog post. Going to keep this short and save details for next week’s post. Suffice to say I’ve been very busy, which has cut into all my time (including my writing). Not sure how long this will go on, but I’m gradually learning to cope so hopefully it won’t be too disruptive.

    It might delay the monthly newsletter, however I will do my best to avoid that. If necessary I’ll just keep this month’s short.

  • Hello World!

    I believe that a suitable title for my first post. Welcome to Skye’s Blog, my personal hub on the internet. Procrastinated far too long before setting this up, so it is probably best if I get this first post out in a somewhat timely manner.

    Right now I am still getting a few things sorted, so many changes will be coming in the coming weeks without warning. No doubt this will be an exciting and (for me) frustrating period as I try to get everything lined up enough to not immediately offend the invisible eye of the internet. Until then I will post updates on myself and my writing.

    With any luck it should be an entertaining show.