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  • Book Progress

    Intended to do something else for this post, only to have a whole bunch of things come together all at once. Since this is my first ever push to publish something the process is completely new to me. I’m constantly alternating between this feeling that things are moving too slowly for me to make the deadline I set, and that things are moving so fast I begin to feel concerned that perhaps I am trying to rush this out the door.

    I’m sure a lot of my uncertainty will go away for future books, though experience tells me this “hurry up and wait” sensation is an indicator that a project is nearly finished. Once the book is actually published I’ll probably take some “lesson learned” notes. If it sounds like I’m complaining that isn’t the case at all. Really I’m surprised with how well everything is going, but all of that isn’t nearly enough to overcome the feelings of being lost as I grope my way through this.

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  • New Years Resolutions 2016

    End of the week and beginning of a new year. Things have been very busy for me this year, but I’ve ended up learning a lot about what I’m trying to do. Not bad, considering I am constantly trying to figure out what I’m doing. Thus far my accomplishments are mostly personal, but I feel like they were all major steps toward this writing dream I’ve given myself: Got this website up, finished editing my book (mostly), found a cover artist, and started making plans for a modest book launch.

    It’s tempting to rest on my laurels while I wait for my first book to be ready to publish, however I want to keep the momentum going. To that end, I’m going to lay out some resolutions for 2016.

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  • December Plans

    So November went pretty good. I didn’t completely finish everything on my list (I failed to complete the book outline), however I would say I got a good 80-90% done. Found I enjoy having this sort of thing out there, so I’ll be doing that again for this month.

    Will be doing my best to keep this pretty light since the holidays are coming up. I don’t actually have anything serious planned for this year, most of my family is going to be busy doing their own thing. The only major event coming up for me is that on the 28th I’ll be heading out to visit my grandmother for about a week.

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  • Progress Update

    Now that November is half done it seemed a good time to make a progress update about how things are going with my “break.” Surprisingly, better than I expected. I’m currently slightly more than 50% done with the goals I set for myself which is fitting. Just going to keep this pretty short as I doubt anyone really cares about this stuff, but I want to document it for my benefit.

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  • November Plans

    Just recently (Halloween Day, in fact) I finished what I hope to be the last draft of my book that I will do personally. That’s actually what I’ve been up to all of October for the most part, so now that it is time to hand it off and let someone else proofread and edit for a while I have some time to look forward. Figured I’d share a bit of a road map for what I hope to get completed in November.

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  • First (Real) Blog Entry

    Since I’ve gone through the trouble to set this thing up I should probably use it. Realized I didn’t actually address the point of this blog in my last posting and only announced it’s existence, which seems a bit of an oversight.

    This blog will be a place where anyone can reliably find information on the writing projects I’m working on in addition to any news about myself that seems worth sharing. No doubt there will be other miscellaneous stuff that gets posted as well, though what that may be I don’t know yet. Once I see a pattern I’ll be sure to share.

    Although things will certainly change as I blog more, for the present I expect to have 3 main types of posts:

    1. Background information on my story worlds. This may take the form of my story notes, edited for clarity and consistency, but I intend to experiment here as raw notes probably aren’t very interesting.
    2. Updates on the projects I am involved with and any thoughts my creative process has brought to me. I will attempt to stay away from the technical side of writing (I don’t want this to turn into a blog about how to write), however some posts of that nature may arise.
    3. Announcements. Similar to “updates” from #2, although technically that should be a sub-set of this. I just wanted to set them apart more clearly as I believe they deserve to be addressed separately. When I launch a new book, or a sale starts, or anything else important happens I will make a post. That said, if you want to be sure to never miss anything you should probably sign up to my newsletter.