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  • Reviewing Has Begun

    As of the first of this month I am now reviewing my book. Plan to handle one chapter a day (a pace I know I can easily maintain) so this should be done sometime before the end of the month. Once I reach that point I plan to immediately dive into my first revision. The good news is that so far I don’t have that many things to fix (I think, after the first revision my early beta readers may throw up a host of complaints). You can track my progress on the little widget to the right.

    Speaking of, soon I plan to be adding a second project to that widget, one for the novella I’m writing. Currently I am still projecting it to be around 50,000 words, but as I realized my entire first act was wrong I’m no longer completely sure that is the case. We will have to see. If necessary I’ll adjust the estimate once I have a better feel for the project’s scope.

  • 100 Words: Ocean

    Canvas billowed out once it caught the air, pulling the sleek vessel along. White spray kicked up as the bow cut through the ocean, and once the ship cleared the harbor it swung sharply to the east to avoid the coming storm while the crew gradually released more sail.

    The captain watched his crew work from the forecastle while he sipped his morning coffee, one wary eye on the dark clouds looming in the distance. Even with the head start there was a chance the squall would overtake them. Hopefully, if that happened, they would already be in open waters.

  • Updates: One step forward, one step back

    So, last update I was talking about how my move was finally happening. That…is no longer the case. Not going to go into details, because there really isn’t much for me to say other than things didn’t work out. As far as my writing goes, it doesn’t really mean much. I can (and do) write pretty much anywhere I can find some privacy which gives me a lot of options.

    Been outlining some on my novel, getting my story back on track in my mind. It’s been interesting, not because I’m making huge changes so much as I’m just sort of reassuring myself that I was on the right path to begin with. Maybe that seems like a small detail, but sometimes it is just nice to make sure that the result isn’t going to be some gigantic mess.

    I’ve also been noticing some funny quirks of storytelling. Usually it is a good idea to cut scenes that don’t further the story in some way, they end up just being dead wood. Because of this a lot of stories end up feeling like they’re full of coincidences. A bunch of different things happen, they turn out to all be related, and because the heroes are the heroes they are involved in everything. Obviously there are ways around this, but it was amusing to notice just the same.

  • Unexpected Week Off

    So my last blog post talked about how I was having bad dreams, but how there was a slight silver lining with it giving me an idea for a story. At the time I wrote that I had no idea just how much that would consume my time. As I expected it took me away from my book for basically the entire week, but the experience was ultimately very good for me.

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  • Bad Dreams: Pros and Cons

    So for the past couple days I’ve had some of the worst dreams ever. No surprise, my life is pretty much in flux now and I like stability. Still, it has kept me from getting sleep, and from writing (as much as I want).

    There is a silver lining though. I feel like it has given me a wonderful story idea. Well, wonderful isn’t what I would call the story since it gave me nightmares, but it should be a gripping story. Not something I can sell—probably the definition of a trunk story. But it is one I feel like I have to write.

    Might even be good for me, although I expect it will take time away from the second Honor’s Path book until I get it out. Luckily it should be merely long-short story length. And I know the entire story, more or less, since it was my dream. May not take too long to bang it out.

  • Childhood Stories

    When I was younger I spent a lot of time camping with the Boy Scouts. We went roughly once a month, and during the trips I would listen to the adults share stories they’d gathered over their lives. Of course, being a young teenage boy the ones about stuff that happened in the military always caught my attention.

    I cannot say for sure if any of this actually happened, and if it did I have almost certainly gotten details wrong. Because of that I’m calling this a work of fiction, but I hope you enjoy the story. I have tried to write exactly as I remember it being told.

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  • 100 Word Story: Prove

    Pick a skill—any skill. Now imagine you want to get better at it, so you go to some club dedicated to those who enjoy whatever it is you have in mind. Who do you ask for help?

    Is it the loud, obnoxious guy bragging about his natural talent? Probably not. Someone like that often belittles those seeking help. More likely you’ll find the best help form one of the older members. They tend to be quieter, more reserved, and willing to help anyone who asks.

    The loud mouths are rarely the most skilled. Insecurity is loud. Competence? That’s quiet.

  • 100 Word Story: Hazy

    In the last, long minutes before morning, Jeremiah noticed the first hints of an orange glow on the horizon. He turned north, confused, and strained his eyes against the murkiness of night. Then, to his left, the sky grew lighter with the coming sunrise.

    Now he could see the thick plumes of smoke rising in the distance, billowing out from their source in a sooty haze. In a panic, he rushed to break camp as the sun finally began its slow climb into the sky. Questions bombarded him, but he ignored them. There wasn’t any time.

    The city was burning.

  • 100 Word Story: Gridlocked

    Brooke stared at the chess board, trying to make sense of the position while he searched for the right move. He wasn’t familiar with this line which was never a good sign. He knew it was unlikely that he’d be able to solve his problems over the board, but in this instance his opponent seemed just as confused as he was.

    Both sides had to deal with pinned pieces, and most others were too busy protecting vital squares to be moved anyway. Something would have to give soon, it was simply a matter of who ran out of moves first.