Progress Update

Now that November is half done it seemed a good time to make a progress update about how things are going with my “break.” Surprisingly, better than I expected. I’m currently slightly more than 50% done with the goals I set for myself which is fitting. Just going to keep this pretty short as I doubt anyone really cares about this stuff, but I want to document it for my benefit.

“NaNoWriMo” Stuff — In Progress

Only really gotten started with this. Still need to make character outlines, a story outline, and a few setting notes. However I have the basic story path, basic notes for the main characters, and some of the more important plot details worked out.

Short Stories — In Progress

One of the two stories I wanted to finish is nearly done. That is about what I wanted to achieve. I’ve also completed a single 100 word story that went up earlier this month.

Mailing List — DONE

Not 100% totally done, but all the main blocks are in place and certainly everything I expected to get finished at this point. I doubt any of it is noticeable from the outside, but if so that means I did my job well. Functionally it shouldn’t behave any different. At most it will look cleaner, be easier for me to use, and have a robust enough setup to head off problems later on.

Pre-Writing Next Novel — Pending

This is the one thing I haven’t made any progress on. There is some work done here already, but that was finished before November ever really began. I plan to change this tonight by doing some serious delving into creating a book outline. What I have now is pretty sparse. Enough to give me an idea of the major story beats, but more depth wouldn’t hurt at all.

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