December Plans

So November went pretty good. I didn’t completely finish everything on my list (I failed to complete the book outline), however I would say I got a good 80-90% done. Found I enjoy having this sort of thing out there, so I’ll be doing that again for this month.

Will be doing my best to keep this pretty light since the holidays are coming up. I don’t actually have anything serious planned for this year, most of my family is going to be busy doing their own thing. The only major event coming up for me is that on the 28th I’ll be heading out to visit my grandmother for about a week.

Book Outline

I got much less done on this then I expected, in large part because I put it off until Thanksgiving week and misjudged how little I’d be able to actually work during that time. Since this is left over from last month it is clearly the priority. For some reason I always misjudge just how much work doing an outline will be, they are much more difficult than I expect. Perhaps this is because I’ve done without them for so long.

In any case, this is my primary goal for the month. If I get it finished early enough I may begin writing on the sequel to In Honor’s Shadow as well, but I don’t want to commit to anything so I can enjoy the holiday.

Short Story

This is another main goal of mine, more just to make sure I keep writing and to see if I can get what I write accepted into an anthology of some sort. There are a couple of leads I have so we’ll see if anything comes of it. Personally, I think this is more of an opportunity to network than anything.


I’m actually happy with the website for the most part, but there are a few things I will be looking at. For instance, that banner up there has been allowed to stand for far too long, I really need to find something else before my first book launches. Also I anticipate I’ll have the ability to do serious work on my Books Page in a little bit. That means writing some ad copy which is about the most dull thing in the world. Oh well.


I am going to attempt to keep content flowing every week from here, but no promises. Last month I was able to do a lot of posting just because a lot of it was stuff I was working on already. That won’t really be the case this month and I do want the chance to take some time off. That said, I’ll probably write a bunch of content for use in the future so I don’t end up falling behind once the holidays are over.

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