Site Header (at last)

This is going up a bit late for what I would call good excuses, except none of them are. Big change to the site’s look, however, thanks to a new site header image! I’ve been waiting to get something else to replace what I was using, since that was basically just the default image that came with this theme.

Beyond that, some stuff that I’ve been up to and my plans for the next while:


So it seems when I travel to visit my grandmother (on my father’s side) the weather generally ends up being bad. This rarely impacts my ability to work on things, writing is fortunately very good when it comes to that. Doubly good now, because with the flood stage at something like 14 feet I’m basically stranded. At least things are dry where I am.

Book Outline

Been working on my book outline for the next book (which I haven’t even thought of a working title for). Progress on this has been less than it should be, mostly because I’ve slacked off to enjoy my holiday. This isn’t to say that I don’t have an outline, I’ve actually got one that already details the major story beats, but I wanted to make something more detailed.

At the moment, I’ve got probably 15-20% of the book outlined in this more detailed version. That’s not bad, but it would be nice if I was maybe 60-70% done. This more detailed outline forces me to think about the story in greater depth and has already resulted in some significant changes in the plot.

Book Cover

The book cover for In Honor’s Shadow is now effectively finished. The artist wanted to finish a few details, but I should be able to share the result before too long. Honestly it came out better than I imagined it would, and I expect I’ll be going into this more once I’m able to show the finished cover.

Minor Side Projects

This has been what takes up most of my time lately, and effectively amounts to me playing around writing random things. Some of it is for friends, some of it is for me. The weird thing is that this really isn’t any different from if I was writing on what I should be working on, so it isn’t like I’m avoiding the writing itself.

Mostly I just put this down to my mood and make sure to keep track of what I’ve done. In many cases these little side-things I work on end up being good leads for other stories. So does reading for that matter (which I’ve done my fair share of this holiday too). Right now I doubt I’ll have any time to really work on them, but one is a candidate for NaNoWriMo.


Seems like everyone is working on those right around now. I’ve never seen the point of having these, but decided it would be a fun exercise to post a few related to my writing. Those will go up on January 1st.

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