Bad Dreams: Pros and Cons

So for the past couple days I’ve had some of the worst dreams ever. No surprise, my life is pretty much in flux now and I like stability. Still, it has kept me from getting sleep, and from writing (as much as I want).

There is a silver lining though. I feel like it has given me a wonderful story idea. Well, wonderful isn’t what I would call the story since it gave me nightmares, but it should be a gripping story. Not something I can sell—probably the definition of a trunk story. But it is one I feel like I have to write.

Might even be good for me, although I expect it will take time away from the second Honor’s Path book until I get it out. Luckily it should be merely long-short story length. And I know the entire story, more or less, since it was my dream. May not take too long to bang it out.

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