May Plans

Things were pretty hectic last month, and although they are calming down now there is still some churn happening. It shouldn’t be too bad (at least that is my hope), but there is a period of about a week where I’m now sure how much I’ll be able to work since I’ll be going to see my brother’s graduation. That said, here are my overall plans for the month:


Currently I am only very slightly behind where I want to be with my book’s progress. My main goal is to not fall any more behind until all the current nonsense is behind me and I can finally dedicate all of my time to writing once more. To be fair, as things stand I wouldn’t finish too late even if I didn’t make up the lost work, however I would like to keep to my original deadline if possible.


I haven’t been able to really read much for the past two months, which is something of a shame. The big problem here is that I am a binge reader, and I don’t have very much free time as it is. If things were going the way I wanted them to, then I could simply dedicate a day to reading a book here or there, then make up the lost writing time over the week. Unfortunately that isn’t possible as things stand, I am barely able to keep up with things as is and that involves moving heaven and earth to get time to write.

Monthly Newsletter

This is going to come out a few days late, but it is a priority to get out. Again, completely unavoidable because of the nonsense involved in getting ready to move. I could have gotten it finished early, but I already skimped a bit on the last one and wanted to avoid doing so again for this month. In any case, will go out during the first week regardless.