Been Writing A Bunch

So I’ve finally gotten my grove back with writing. None of it has been on my book unfortunately, but I feel like the writing I am doing is ultimately doing a lot of good for my skill growth. It is also quite enjoyable for me, which I’m finding is important with everything that is going on in my life and the recent spat of bad news going around.

Figured I’d talk a bit about writing, not as an art form or anything but instead as something done regularly as a job. There is a sort of coffee house chat I take part in with other writers when time allows, and one of the things we do is share progress. I often find that I write far more words in a week than others seem to report doing (often by a wide margin). This isn’t something I’m bringing up to brag about, although I do consider it a mark of pride, but it is something I’ve found myself wondering about.

I am sure some of it is that I am able to find large swaths of time for writing. That certainly helps a lot. There is more I think, though. Basically, I write every day if possible. It may not be on a project I’m working on, or anything that I keep, but I always try to sit down and write something. There is a sort of momentum to it, and each day I do it the easier it seems to get. About the worst thing that can happen is anything that steps in to STOP me from writing for any extended period (such as the past couple of months).

One thing I am very careful to avoid, however, is allowing my mood to dictate if I write or not. It may dictate what I end up working on, but never if I work. So if I’m feeling sad I may write a scene that is supposed to be sad in an attempt to capture that emotion, or I may choose to work on something light-hearted and fun to cheer myself up. Depends on what I think I need at the moment. Whatever the case, I don’t allow myself to use my emotional state as an excuse to avoid sitting down to put in the time.

There is also one more thing: I give myself permission to suck. That doesn’t mean I don’t make an effort to write well, I just don’t fret over if what I’m writing is good until after it is out. All of it, the entire short story or book or whatever. There is always a chance to go back and fix a broken scene later, but you can’t edit something that hasn’t been written yet.