Updates: One step forward, one step back

So, last update I was talking about how my move was finally happening. That…is no longer the case. Not going to go into details, because there really isn’t much for me to say other than things didn’t work out. As far as my writing goes, it doesn’t really mean much. I can (and do) write pretty much anywhere I can find some privacy which gives me a lot of options.

Been outlining some on my novel, getting my story back on track in my mind. It’s been interesting, not because I’m making huge changes so much as I’m just sort of reassuring myself that I was on the right path to begin with. Maybe that seems like a small detail, but sometimes it is just nice to make sure that the result isn’t going to be some gigantic mess.

I’ve also been noticing some funny quirks of storytelling. Usually it is a good idea to cut scenes that don’t further the story in some way, they end up just being dead wood. Because of this a lot of stories end up feeling like they’re full of coincidences. A bunch of different things happen, they turn out to all be related, and because the heroes are the heroes they are involved in everything. Obviously there are ways around this, but it was amusing to notice just the same.