Still Moving

I am still in the progress of moving (I actually left my previous residence last Thursday). Because of how things worked out I was actually traveling around the time I was supposed to move, helping watch my aunt’s farmhouse and dogs while she and her husband vacation. So that is where I am now.

This is something I actually enjoy doing, and I end up watching the place once or twice a year. Although dealing with so many dogs is a bit of a chore (it seems like she always has new ones since a lot of people come out this way to dump unwanted animals) my time out here tends to be fairly productive. I’m the only person out this way other than a worker that helps maintain the area, and the dogs mostly look after themselves, which leaves me free to write.

Currently my biggest challenge is dealing with their newest puppy. I’m not sure how old he is, but puppies tend to be both full of energy and very mouthy. He is no exception. Very playful and friendly, but at times he gets so riled up that he begins making messes. Anyway, my goal with him for this week is to teach him that biting/nibbling on people is not acceptable. He’s learning pretty quick, but when he gets excited sometimes he still forgets. Overall he is a very good boy though.

That’s really everything that is happening now. I would update with an estimate of when my move will be complete, but I’m unfortunately not very sure when that will be as a few problems cropped up. That said, I cannot imagine it will go on any longer than mid-September.