The Dog Hoards

Despite my constant complaints about how much of a pain this move has been, it actually has worked out fairly well. The delays I thought might happen apparently will not, and everything just sort of settled in a way that fits—something that completely bewilders me as one major detail was that I would be watching my aunt’s house and her many dogs while she went on vacation.

This isn’t some huge chore. Most of the dogs are farm dogs, so you just make sure they have water and food then leave them to their own business. It has been a bit tiring (I’m not accustomed to getting up at 6am to let a puppy out), but I like dogs and get along well with them so it hasn’t been a terrible experience.

I’ll be driving to the new place on the 7th (a drive I expect to take 11 or 12 hours). Then come next weekend I’m probably headed back up to Indiana to grab a few things that were left before going back. It is only a 6 hour drive, thankfully, but I’ll be doing it twice in one day so it ought to be a “fun experience.”