Furry Book Month

At long last I am able to talk about the promotional campaign I’ve been somewhat involved with: Furry Book Month. This has been in the works for a while, and now that everything is together I am happy to announce that I will be participating.


On the 1st of October I’ll be making a post with all the offers that will be happening, but until then I figure a brief FAQ will help address what I feel are likely to be the most common questions. So, without further adieu…

What Is Furry Book Month?

Furry Book Month is a promotional campaign that allows publishers and authors to collaboratively push to expand the reach of “Furry Books” and the authors/publishers that offer these. For authors and publishers, the goal is to get our books in front of readers who might otherwise not have read them in the hopes that we can expand the market. For readers, this means a chance to buy books for at a steep discount—in some cases the books are even free.

What Is A Furry Book?

A book covered in fur…

All joking aside, a Furry Book is any book which features animals which have been anthropomorphized to some degree. That is a fancy way of saying that animals have been given human characteristics. This can range from simple ability to speak or think in a human way, to having many humanoid physical characteristics such as hands and bipedal movement. The exact line for when a character goes from being an animal to an anthropomorphic animal isn’t clearly defined, however.

Please Note: Many books which feature anthropomorphic animals may not be considered “Furry Books” by their authors/publishers. This is especially true of older novels (Black Beauty, Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH, Watership Down, Call of the Wild, and others) even though they arguably are since they fit the definition.

When Is Furry Book Month?

October 1st through October 31st, although some deals may have a much narrower window.

Where Can I Find These Deals?

I will be making a post advertising the deals that are being offered come October 1st, including where and when they can be found. Additionally, you can join my NEWSLETTER to receive an email about this the day before. In addition, I will be keeping an eye on the event, so if any new offers pop up I’ll be sure to make a post here, and send them in another email to my mailing list (provided doing so won’t result in a flood of spam).

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