Furry Book Month Over!

So to anyone who happened to buy books over Furry Book Month, thank you for your support! Considering that this was our first attempt at something like this, I actually think it went pretty well! At some point I’ll probably briefly discuss some things I think went well in addition to ideas I had for improving Furry Book Month in the future, assuming we do this again sometime.

I mentioned last post that I had bought (and finished reading) the story Legacy. If you want to see what I thought about it, feel free to do so by looking at my Amazon or at Goodreads (they are identical).

In sadder news, despite having planned to take part in NaNoWriMo I will not be doing it this month. I will, however, be doing something like it in the near future once the rough draft to my second book is completed. Think of it as something like a palate cleanser before I dive into editing. My personal “NaNoWriMo” project will probably happen sometime over December/January, depending on when I finish book 2.

Finally, embarrassingly, I need to figure out what I’ll be doing for this month’s newsletter. It ended up sneaking up on me, as it is wont to do. Still, I will work something out for it. Kick it out the door by Monday at the latest.