Eclipse (Aug. 21st, 2017)

So the big news today pretty much everywhere in the US is the eclipse. To be honest, I had an opportunity to drive about an hour north to see the totality region, however as I didn’t buy any viewing glasses (and was reluctant to deal with the traffic that would be caused by everyone else who had the same thought), I decided to stay home.

Still, my area is pretty close to there. If I had to guess I would say around +90%. That still ends up being pretty bright, around sunset levels of light, but that still makes for a pretty sharp contrast. As I write this we are about 15 minutes past our darkest point.

Here is one of the pictures I was able to capture with my Pixel’s camera:

Some things to realize about this picture:

First off, this is WAY darker looking than it actually was. I actually cranked the brightness settings all the way down to make the result more impactful.

Second, you will notice that looking at the sun still doesn’t show much. This is because the sun is SUPER bright. Which is why you don’t look at it with your naked eyes. Even at less than 10% it can still do damage. However if you look below the sun, between the trees there, you can see a reflection of what is going on (off of my camera’s lens if I had to guess). Because it is a reflection things are mirrored, but they are also light enough to make out what is going on.