How To Update Amazon Books

This is just a quick announcement to everyone who has bought my book: I recently updated the book to correct some errors that I (and a few others) have found. Most of the corrections are fairly minor, however there are a few that I am actually embarrassed to admit made it through before now. If you’ve already bought my book you have probably received an email from Amazon telling you that you can update it. If you haven’t seen one it may have been caught by your spam filter or accidentally deleted, so I am making this post to tell you how to get the updates (if you want them).

Things To Know First

If you have any notes or highlights in the book, updating it WILL DELETE THEM. This is the reason Amazon does not automatically push out updates to customers. Fortunately, the update process is very easy and just requires pushing a button. You may also need to delete the book off of your device and re-download it. After you update your e-book you will no longer be able to download the older versions of the book (if you wish to have access to older versions, I believe you can buy a copy from Smashwords, as I believe that site allows you to choose which version of a file you wish to have).

Because you will be losing access to an earlier version of the file, here are the changes that you will be getting:

-fixed a few major grammar errors.
-slight tweaks to wording in several spots (to improve readability and clarity).
-fixed several minor grammar errors (missing commas, etc.)

The story’s plot is completely unchanged.

Ok, with that out-of-the-way…

How to Download Updates on Amazon

So the first thing you will need to do is manage your Content and Devices. This is very easy! Go to and in the upper right corner of the webpage you should see something that says Hello (username). Hover your mouse over that and you should present you with a bunch of menu options. You want the one that says “Your Content and Devices”. Click on it.


Once you are there, make sure  you have “Your Content” selected. You should see a list of ebooks you have bought through Amazon. It will look like this:

You are almost there. There is one more step. Search your list of e-books for “In Honor’s Shadow (Honor’s Path Book 1)”. Upon finding it, you will see that there is a button on the right informing you that there is an “Update Available”. Clicking on that button will make the updated file available to you. Once again, if you have any notes or highlights in the e-book THESE WILL BE LOST if you update and, as far as I know, there is no way to roll back to an earlier version of the ebook. It should look like this:

It will take a minute or two for the update to be delivered to your devices. They will, obviously, need to be connected to the internet to get it. If, for some reason, you find that you have not gotten the updates after clicking the “Update Available” button try deleting the book off your device and re-downloading it. If that fails to work, or if for some reason you do not have the option to download the book’s updates, you will need to contact Amazon Customer Support for help, which in my experience are very good and quick to resolve issues.