Back from Vacation, Announcements, and Such

I just got back from my vacation and figured I should make a post letting everyone who isn’t subscribed to my Newsletter (and why aren’t you? It is easy and make sure you get every update first!). For those of you who ARE subscribed to my Newsletter, there is only one detail that is any new (mostly because I only found out about it two days ago) and it shouldn’t change anything. I’m not attaching specific dates to anything yet because this is all tentative, however

By Duty Bound Release

As I already mentioned, there isn’t going to be a hard date for this (yet), however I am aiming for late August/early September. It is probably ready to go now, if I use In Honor’s Shadow as a measure, but I want to improve my standards with every book release. This is one area where I am trying to improve. I expect to be able to give a firm date sometime next month, so keep an eye out for that. All that said, I know for a fact it will NOT be out before August 20th (more on why later).


In Honor’s Shadow Revisions

This is something I already did earlier this year, however I am going to put it through a slightly different revision process as well to get it a bit closer to the quality I am striving for with By Duty Bound. Don’t expect major rewrites or anything like that. Mostly I’m just going to re-read it and throw a few new tools I’ve discovered at it. The revisions will (probably) go into effect sometime next month as I do not expect them to take terribly long.


Traveling August

This is the main reason I know By Duty Bound will not launch before August 20th: I will be away from home shortly before that, and feel like running a book launch right after traveling is a bad idea. As already stated, I’m not sure WHEN the book will launch, but once I have decided (and have a date), I do intend to have the book available for pre-order; which likely will be taking place during this period. Again, I don’t have firm details now, but watch for them next month!