Furry Book Month 2018!

This is something I completely missed last year, but I’m a little more on the ball this time around. Furry Book Month is back!

This is a month where publishers and authors of anthropomorphic fiction promote their work by offering deals for you to take advantage of. You can learn more about it by following #FurryBookMonth on twitter or by checking out the Furry Writer’s Guild’s page about it.

Because I was intending to have an offer this time around anyway, I will be extending my launch sale for By Duty Bound. It shall now be available for 2.99$ until October 31st! In addition, I had already decided to keep In Honor’s Shadow‘s price at $0.99 permanently. I know that technically doesn’t make this price a special promotion, but do feel free to point anyone you think may be interested in my writing at it.

For information on where to find all of my books, just take a look at THIS PAGE.