As those subscribed to my newsletter know, my maternal grandfather recently passed after electing to stop treatment for an ongoing condition. This was not much of a surprise as he has been in poor health for several years now, though there really isn’t any way to fully prepare for these sorts of things. My mother has been busy helping to settle his estate, and starting on the 29th I shall be heading over to help her do so.

I know book 3 is already running quite late (and while I am tempted to blame the pandemic, it is only partly the cause). A lot of progress has been made recently, but I am not sure how much this trip will impact things. Certainly, preparing to go away for a month or two has made writing difficult (traveling always has some stress associated with it, and doing so during a pandemic only increases that). Although I am keeping the newsletter up-to-date on things behind the scenes, I figured I might as well do so here as well considering the pending trip.

My current “goal” is to have the rough draft of the book finished sometime around December…which is nearly a year late I realize. Realistically, it may happen before then but that depends on how busy I end up during this trip and how long I am away. If I was confident in my ability to keep writing at the pace I have been keeping, I would say that it should be done by October, but with how the year has been going and my own inability to meet my goals, I want to give plenty of leeway. This seems especially important as I’m not really sure how I will be affected when I’m going through my grandparents’ house and getting it ready to be sold considering the memories I have there.

In any case, this felt important to share. I will be trying to continue writing during the trip, and just hope for some understanding if things continue to take longer than I would like.