Skye Lansing was born in Alamogordo, New Mexico in 1983. Early on he developed a love for books, cultivated by his mother. This love was eventually cemented when his father caught him reading magazine articles late one night and, in a stroke of brilliance, punished him thereby ensuring that reading was forbidden (thus awesome). Later in his childhood he began to write, mostly to escape from the boredom of his high school courses. The results were, predictably, objectively wretched.

In 2002, Skye enrolled in a biology program for college. Over the next five years he discovered an interest in History that shouldn’t have been surprising considering the amount of history documentaries he’d watched while growing up. He continued to write, though without any real intent to finish the projects he started, and briefly considered swapping to an English major when he unexpectedly secured enough credits to graduate with a BS in Biology.

With college behind him Skye began to agonize over what to do with himself. The original plan had been to attend a graduate program, but when that fell through he found himself working on many personal writing projects to fill the time as he job hunted. Before long he’d even started on what, at the time, was simply a serial story published on a public web page titled simply Rohai.

The scope of this new project rapidly expanded and evolved until Skye was forced to admit that what he had was no longer a simple series of stories, but rather a full book series. Public updates to Rohai ceased while he laid out the groundwork for a new book series, mostly focused on bringing the scope of the project under control in a desperate bid to avoid a tale with kudzu plot. This process proved more difficult than he originally intended, especially in light of initially working full-time.

After years of work Skye finally released In Honor’s Shadow in 2016, kicking off the beginning of his new Honor’s Path series. He is now chipping away at the second book while simultaneously doing the research for several other projects for the Sci-Fi and Fantasy genres.

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