Available for Pre-Order: August 3rd, 2018 (Amazon Only)
Available for Purchase: September 3rd: 2018

As the Wolf Clan’s civil war continues, those loyal to the Hayashi Family find themselves facing new challenges. The plan to contain their rivals, the Hitomi Family, to Kyoudai Pass is working, but new threats from unexpected places have put them in a precarious position. Before long they may be forced to reevaluate their places in the conflict, for their foes have not been idle.

Shiro, a dishonored rōnin and former vassal of the Hayashi Family, faces the possibility that his entire force may be unable to continue harrying the enemy after nearly falling into a trap. Compounding this, internal divisions have begun to emerge. Now he must seek a new path to rescue those under his command while ensuring they will continue to fight.

Hayashi Seiko’s position is no less precarious. Having been charged by her brother—the clan’s rightful daimyo—to deliver the news of the Oota Family’s betrayal to Shiro behind enemy lines. Aided by only her instructor and fellow onna-bugeisha, she must face an uncaring wilderness while remaining alert for any servants of the treacherous Oota Kin. Can she meet her brother’s expectations? Or her own?

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