• First (Real) Blog Entry

    Since I’ve gone through the trouble to set this thing up I should probably use it. Realized I didn’t actually address the point of this blog in my last posting and only announced it’s existence, which seems a bit of an oversight.

    This blog will be a place where anyone can reliably find information on the writing projects I’m working on in addition to any news about myself that seems worth sharing. No doubt there will be other miscellaneous stuff that gets posted as well, though what that may be I don’t know yet. Once I see a pattern I’ll be sure to share.

    Although things will certainly change as I blog more, for the present I expect to have 3 main types of posts:

    1. Background information on my story worlds. This may take the form of my story notes, edited for clarity and consistency, but I intend to experiment here as raw notes probably aren’t very interesting.
    2. Updates on the projects I am involved with and any thoughts my creative process has brought to me. I will attempt to stay away from the technical side of writing (I don’t want this to turn into a blog about how to write), however some posts of that nature may arise.
    3. Announcements. Similar to “updates” from #2, although technically that should be a sub-set of this. I just wanted to set them apart more clearly as I believe they deserve to be addressed separately. When I launch a new book, or a sale starts, or anything else important happens I will make a post. That said, if you want to be sure to never miss anything you should probably sign up to my newsletter.
  • Hello World!

    I believe that a suitable title for my first post. Welcome to Skye’s Blog, my personal hub on the internet. Procrastinated far too long before setting this up, so it is probably best if I get this first post out in a somewhat timely manner.

    Right now I am still getting a few things sorted, so many changes will be coming in the coming weeks without warning. No doubt this will be an exciting and (for me) frustrating period as I try to get everything lined up enough to not immediately offend the invisible eye of the internet. Until then I will post updates on myself and my writing.

    With any luck it should be an entertaining show.