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  • Furry Book Month Over!

    So to anyone who happened to buy books over Furry Book Month, thank you for your support! Considering that this was our first attempt at something like this, I actually think it went pretty well! At some point I’ll probably briefly discuss some things I think went well in addition to ideas I had for improving Furry Book Month in the future, assuming we do this again sometime.

    I mentioned last post that I had bought (and finished reading) the story Legacy. If you want to see what I thought about it, feel free to do so by looking at my Amazon or at Goodreads (they are identical).

    In sadder news, despite having planned to take part in NaNoWriMo I will not be doing it this month. I will, however, be doing something like it in the near future once the rough draft to my second book is completed. Think of it as something like a palate cleanser before I dive into editing. My personal “NaNoWriMo” project will probably happen sometime over December/January, depending on when I finish book 2.

    Finally, embarrassingly, I need to figure out what I’ll be doing for this month’s newsletter. It ended up sneaking up on me, as it is wont to do. Still, I will work something out for it. Kick it out the door by Monday at the latest.

  • Only One Week Left

    So, there is now just 1 week left until Furry Book Month is finished! Time is running out.

    Once everything is said and done I’ll probably make a post laying out my thoughts about the process of running Furry Book Month, and how I think it could be improved in the future. For now, though, I am actually quite pleased. I’ve really enjoyed watching twitter to see all the people promoting the event.

    I ended up buying 4 books that were being promoted (Legacy, Off Leash, Flower’s Fang, and The Dragon Tax). Also ended up giving a review for Huntress, which I had read before and forgotten to give a review to. One of the books (Legacy by Hugo Jackson) I’ve already finished reading in fact. I’ll be writing a review of it in a day or two after I finish processing my thoughts on it, but might as well share some immediate impressions.

    One thing that is always an experience for me when reading is that I always inevitably compare my skill to the person I’m reading, most noticeably when I see them doing things better than I do. This is an embarrassingly common occurrence, but I do my best to take note of what the author is doing when it happens.

    In this case, I noticed that Hugo Jackson spent far more time describing his primary protagonist than I tend to do. Generally I try to keep character descriptions on the light side other than a few pertinent details. I like my characters to be identified by how they behave and act, and trust the reader to come up with an image that they like using the key physical descriptors I give.

    Hugo Jackson, by contrast, managed to go into a fair amount of dept about what the protagonist was wearing, something I would avoid for fear of interrupting the story flow for something like an info dump. He made it work, however, and I was impressed by how effectively he managed to portray a fairly intricate outfit. It has made me think that perhaps I need to do some exercises where I focus on describing characters without becoming boring.

  • Late Night Updates

    I finished all my writing for tonight, but cannot bring myself to go to bed quite yet. What better time to update my blog than when I am so tired my eyes hurt? Should be an interesting experience for everyone, or at least you. I’m probably about to look really silly.

    First thing first: Furry Book Month is now half-finished! If you haven’t already, you should check it out while you still can. Following that little link will take you to all the officially arranged promotions, however I have also spotted some deals on Twitter under #FurryBookMonth that I don’t recall seeing anywhere else.

    Second, I am writing again. In fact I am making good progress so far. Book 2 the Honor’s Path series is now 2/3rds written. Really regret the long break I took in working on it. Yes, I was moving, but not writing always feels like an excuse. Really felt like I was back in the saddle tonight, so I’m looking forward to knocking out this rough draft by mid-December if possible.

    Third, this blog! I am (trying) to give it a bit of a face lift. Nothing major, just a few little widgets. There is actually an archive widget I would like to try out because it looks way nicer than my current one, however now it is a little broken and labels all months after July incorrectly. Hopefully that will be fixed with the new update. So, if you see changes you like (or ones you absolutely hate) be sure to let me know.

    That’s all for now. Seeing as it is now 5am I should probably crawl into bed before I become completely incoherent.

  • Furry Book Month: October


    October 1st has arrived, and with it the very first Furry Book Month! To anyone interested in what this is, my post this Wednesday includes a helpful FAQ that should answer the most common questions.

    Until the end of the month, authors and publishers of anthropomorphic fiction will have special offers on books for you to take advantage of! If that interests you, then read on! Unless otherwise indicated, these offers last until the end of October. I have attempted to link* to the relevant store pages where possible to make it easy to take advantage of these offers.

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