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  • On Kami

    Writing this has been a long time coming; almost from the moment I decided that since my Honor’s Path series takes place in a Feudal Japan-like setting that I should use largely Japanese religious traditions and ideas within the story. A quick disclaimer, I am not a follower of Shinto and cannot claim to be an expert on the religion. I have, at best, a lay understanding of the material. With that addressed, let us continue.

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  • Promotion: Free Pre-release Copies of By Duty Bound (expired)

    My new book, By Duty Bound (book 2 in the Honor’s Path series), will soon be available for pre-order on Amazon beginning on August 3rd, 2018. It will officially release a month later on September 3rd, 2018. That is very soon, but maybe you don’t want to wait. In that case, what can you do?

    Fortunately, I am offering a chance to get a pre-release copy of the book a full week and a half before anyone else will get their hands on it. Interested? Then read on!

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  • How To Update Amazon Books

    This is just a quick announcement to everyone who has bought my book: I recently updated the book to correct some errors that I (and a few others) have found. Most of the corrections are fairly minor, however there are a few that I am actually embarrassed to admit made it through before now. If you’ve already bought my book you have probably received an email from Amazon telling you that you can update it. If you haven’t seen one it may have been caught by your spam filter or accidentally deleted, so I am making this post to tell you how to get the updates (if you want them).

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  • Furry Book Month: October


    October 1st has arrived, and with it the very first Furry Book Month! To anyone interested in what this is, my post this Wednesday includes a helpful FAQ that should answer the most common questions.

    Until the end of the month, authors and publishers of anthropomorphic fiction will have special offers on books for you to take advantage of! If that interests you, then read on! Unless otherwise indicated, these offers last until the end of October. I have attempted to link* to the relevant store pages where possible to make it easy to take advantage of these offers.

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  • Character Notes: Shiro

    This post will be the same deal as my last one on Hayashi Seiko. For those that aren’t interested in looking at the last post, here are the rules I’ve set for myself.

    The point of this post isn’t to talk about the character as they currently exist in the story, but rather to touch on how my concept of the character changed over time as a result of the setting switch and other decisions I made over the course of writing. No plot details about In Honor’s Shadow will be revealed, so you don’t have to worry about spoilers, however I will mention story points from earlier conceptions of the story that were ultimately cut for various reasons.

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  • Character Notes: Hayashi Seiko

    As my book, In Honor’s Shadow, gets closer to being complete I find I want to talk about it more and more. This is obviously something of a minefield since saying too much could easily spoil the story. After some thought I’ve decided that there isn’t anything wrong with me talking about the main characters of the story, provided I give myself some basic guidelines before doing so.

    In this instance, I think the best course is to talk about how the characters evolved from their earlier conception to today. Considering how much the story changed, from the overall conflict and a jump to a new setting completely, it isn’t too surprising that the characters have changed radically.

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  • Images For My Books

    As of today In Honor’s Shadow has officially hit Release Candidate 2. I doubt this is the version that will be released (there are still a couple of improvements I have in mind). Still, at this point I’ve started to focus more on the actual layout. The result has been actually a little eerie for me because I’m starting to get something that looks like a professional book, only it is my story.

    Getting everything to look nice has really forced me to dig into the formatting options available to me. The tricky part is that a LOT of the formatting with ebooks is handled automatically by the reader, so what might look nice on one platform can look simply bad on another. That said, most of it is just pushing text around subtly, checking to see how it looks, and then tweaking things again. There are a few flourishes that really make things pop though.

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  • Book Progress

    Intended to do something else for this post, only to have a whole bunch of things come together all at once. Since this is my first ever push to publish something the process is completely new to me. I’m constantly alternating between this feeling that things are moving too slowly for me to make the deadline I set, and that things are moving so fast I begin to feel concerned that perhaps I am trying to rush this out the door.

    I’m sure a lot of my uncertainty will go away for future books, though experience tells me this “hurry up and wait” sensation is an indicator that a project is nearly finished. Once the book is actually published I’ll probably take some “lesson learned” notes. If it sounds like I’m complaining that isn’t the case at all. Really I’m surprised with how well everything is going, but all of that isn’t nearly enough to overcome the feelings of being lost as I grope my way through this.

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